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Monthly Fun Dives

One Dive Guided Tour

Shore Diving: FREE!GBPurpleAnenome

Must be a certified diver to participate. Download Waiver, and bring the completed form and your certification card with you to the event. NOT a refresher, NOT a cold water diving orientation, NOT a tour – just a group of divers having fun exploring Monterey/Carmel dive sites together. A divemaster or instructor will provide a site orientation prior to the dive, but all participants are responsible for their own dives and for their own equipment.

Boat Diving

Boat diving provides access to incredible sites along the Monterey Peninsula and south along the Big Sur coast. We often charter one of the local dive boats (www.montereydiveboats.com) as part of our Monthly Fun Dive series.

Upcoming Dives

Refreshers, cold water diving orientations, and tours are available by appointment for a fee.