Dec 30 Fun Dive – So. Monastery Beach, Carmel

Join us for our New Year’s Eve’s Eve Fun dive, Sunday, Dec. 30, at 8AM, scheduled to dive the south end of Monastery Beach and hosted by Joe and Margo Lillie – weather and conditions allowing. One of Carmel’s best beach dives – plan to join us if you can! This is where the underwater canyon comes closest to shore, creating a nutrient rich upwelling and resulting in an abundance of marine life. It is considered an advanced dive site because conditions can change quickly, Joe and Margo will determine its “diveability” that morning – the orientation will take place at the south end of the beach. Back up site will be Carmel River Beach.

FREE! Orientation begins at 8:00AM. Meet other diving enthusiasts and discover a magnificent shore diving site! Must be a certified diver with cold water experience to participate. Please sign up ahead of time, so we know how many divers to expect. Divers under the age of 18 must bring their own buddies or arrange to hire a divemaster to dive with them. Download the waiver, and bring the completed form and your certification card with you to the event. NOT a refresher, NOT a cold water diving orientation, NOT a tour – just a group of divers having fun exploring Carmel.