July Fun Dive – July 22 – Otter Cove – 8 am

By special request, we are scheduling our July Fun dive on Sunday, July 22, to explore Otter Cove – aka “Stinky Beach” – a lovely and lesser known Pacific Grove dive site. The site was given this unhappy nickname because during low tide, kelp that has washed up on the beach begins to “ferment” in the sun and gets rather stinky…. We will be diving at high tide and unless the kelp makes an amazing comeback in the next couple of weeks, we won’t have to worry about rotting kelp anyway. It’s formal name, Otter Cove, refers to the fact that otters do hang out here sometimes. The beach is located just south of Lover’s along Ocean Blvd at Siren St. Plan to join us on Sunday, July 22, at Otter Cove at 8am. Margo and Joe Lillie will host the fun, and weather permitting, we’ll get in 2 wonderful dives.  A lesser known shore dive, it’s a nice “in the Bay” dive site.

FREE! Orientation begins at 8:00AM. Meet other diving enthusiasts and discover a new shore diving site! Must be a certified diver with cold water experience to participate. Please sign up ahead of time, so we know how many divers to expect and have a way to contact you if plans change. Download the waiver, and bring the completed form and your certification card with you to the event. NOT a refresher, NOT a cold water diving orientation, NOT a tour – just a group of divers having fun exploring our beautiful local dive sites. Mark your calendars and get ready to join us for some diving fun!

Call us at (408)244-4433 or sign up on Facebook to join us.

Depth: 10-45ft

Skill Level: Novice to Advanced

Accessibility: Beach

Parking: Street – FREE (but somewhat limited)