Equipment Requirements for Professional Development Courses

  1. For all diving courses, you will need your standard instructor dive equipment with appropriate exposure suit. For the complete, current dive equipment list, please consult the PADI Instructor Manual: Training Standards: Equipment
  2. For the IDC, AI, OWSI and IE, in addition to the standard dive equipment, you will need:
    • pocket mask for rescue exercises;
    • rope for knot-tying exercises (suggest larger diameter, 2 different colors that show well underwater;
    • watch for timing exercises such as hovering;
    • PADI RDP, eRDPml;
    • calculator—non programmable; and
    • signaling devices (audible and visual)
  3. Some Specialty Courses require specific equipment e.g., Camera/flash for Digital Underwater Photography. Call Any Water Dive Center to discuss when you have chosen your Specialty Courses

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