Abalone season opened April 1 – know before you go


AbDiversReadyAbalone season opened in Northern California on April 1. The season runs April 1-Jun30, and August 1-November 30. Abalone can only be harvested by breath hold diving, scuba is not allowed. There are many important regulations you should know before you attempt this activity – besides purchasing the proper licenses, you need to make sure you have all the proper equipment. It is best to go with someone who is familiar with the Fish and Wildlife regulations and the area you intend to dive. Every year many inexperienced divers get into trouble not only with the wardens, but jeopardize their own safety. Assess your fitness and make sure you understand the regulations! Abalone is a tasty delicacy – and diving for them can be great fun. Visit the Dept of Fish and Wildlife website for more information,  https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/conservation/marine/invertebrates/abalone or come by and talk to us. We have fishing licenses on site as well as a full set up of all the gear you will need. 408-244-4433OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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