Adventures from Cozumel

For the 38 divers who traveled down to Cozumel to dive the first week of April, we’ve finally gotten our warm water dive gear cleaned, and our cold water equipment back out and in use. This means that we have time to download our photographs, create videos and share our adventures with you!

We had a fabulous time in Cozumel, complete with lots of sunshine, diving, smiles, food and good company. For some divers, this was their first time diving warm water, for others, this marked the 35th year since they first visited Cozumel! Our diving took us from the reefs to the Cenotes, from day dives to night dives. We saw a plethora of sea life including sea turtles, octopus and sharks, and greatly enjoyed the blue water and gorgeous sunsets that Mexico had to offer.

We already miss Scuba Club Cozumel, and are looking forward to our return trip next year! If you are interested in exploring this warm water, sunshine filled diving for yourself, let us know and we can book you a spot for our 2020 trip.

For more photographs, check out our facebook group, Any Water Divers. Click here for a video from our of our Any Water Dive Center divemaster’s Claude.


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