Arenui Indonesia Presentation at AWS – by Luigi Russo

Mar 1 – 7PM – The Arenui, Indonesia’s Boutique Liveaboard Experience – we were privileged to have Luigi Russo, the owner, architect, and master mind of the luxurious and one-of-a-kind Indonesian liveaboard, the Arenui, here at AWS . We heard in his own words how this magnificent vessel came to be, and the philosophy that has earned the Arenui a reputation for excellence and impeccable attention to detail. In addition, Luigi shared incredible images from the various locations they visit to help us get a sense of the beauty likely to be encountered. Each itinerary features its own unique adventure in the Indonesian archipelago, and the diving is simply beyond compare.

We have had the pleasure of running two trips aboard the Arenui so far, experiencing the Komodo itinerary and the Raja Ampat itinerary, and we have a third departing on March 11 of this year. These trips have been amazing. We have booked several additional trips in the next couple of years, and attendees had a great opportunity to get an overview of all the itineraries available.

It was an evening of great fun! Thank you, Luigi, for taking the time to spend the evening with us!


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