Don’t be “that” diver – get your regulator serviced before it looks like this…


This is why you need to get your regulator serviced REGULARLY! This is an actual photo of a regulator that was brought in for service… It had been sitting in a garage growing this stomach-turning science experiment, and the diver was convinced it just needed an “inspection” because it hadn’t been used much… Yuck! Your regulator is LIFE SUPPORT equipment – let us help you take good care of it! Bring it in for service… even if you haven’t used it recently – you never know what came home from the last rinse bin you used.

We try to offer a one week turn around service on most regulators, but allow for up to two weeks depending on the work load. Please check to make sure your regulator is on the list of brands we service: Aqualung, Apex, Atomic Aquatics, Scubapro, USDivers, some Zeagle.  Call first if you aren’t sure: 408-244-4433.

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