End of summer diving – where back-to-school blues are incredible!

The summer has flown by as summers tend to do and the back-to-school season is upon us.  One of the great things about being a diver in this area is that the “back-to-school blues” are in fact, something to look forward to! We came across the giant school of blues pictured here while exploring North Monastery Beach. We have such an amazing ecosystem right here in our back yard – the Monterey Bay sanctuary’s marine life is as diverse as any on the planet. The sight of the sun’s rays filtering through the kelp canopy with a huge school of blues hanging out, rivals any image I have ever seen underwater anywhere in the world. Encounters with playful sea lions, grumpy faced ling cod, octopus, or any of the myriad of sea creatures inhabiting our coastline are always a welcome respite from topside responsibilities and pressures.  Take the time to look closely and you will be captivated by the color, detail, and behaviors you can observe in literally every crack and crevice on the ocean floor. As the days become steadily shorter, the water clarity tends to improve… Make time in your busy schedule to enjoy our aquatic playground! We have lots of opportunities available – join us on a Fun Dive (Sept 16 – Monastery Beach or Oct 29 – a Halloween themed event) – enroll in an advanced course or a specialty certification course – or join us on one of our dive adventures into paradise!  Feeling a bit “rusty” – take a refresher! Let’s go diving!

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