Proud to share our award as #3 dealer for Diving Unlimited Int’l in 2017

Any Water Dive Center was Dealer # 3 in the nation for Diving Unlimited Int’l drysuit sales in 2017

We always welcome opportunities to meet with Faith Ortins of Diving Unlimited Int’l – such an amazing advocate for the dive industry – upbeat, encouraging, has an infectious laugh, and she just LOVES diving. We also had a chance to meet Tor Ericsson in person – we have had many phone conversations, but now we have a face and smile to go with the voice. Faith and Tor came by for a visit to update us on some of their new products: a game changing layering vest and their new Coronado suit – no bells or whistles, comes in at $999 retail, a perfect “starter” suit for those whose budgets don’t quite accommodate their premium suits.

They also surprised us and presented us with a plaque for Premier Dealer # 3 in North America for 2017! Very exciting! This is thanks to YOU our customers and friends who have embraced diving our incredible local dive sites and discovered that diving in a drysuit is certainly the most comfortable way to stay warm! It is also thanks to the amazing staff at DUI (Diving Unlimited Int’l) whose customer service standards are among the highest in the industry. They understand that the initial sale is just the beginning… they are in it for the life of that drysuit… like a car, drysuit owners know that certain parts are going to wear out before the suit does: neck and wrist seals, zippers, boots – and the service DUI provides for replacing those items is a critical component of customer satisfaction. Besides producing excellent products, DUI consistently exceeds customer expectations for customer service….. It certainly makes selling their products more fun! The award is also thanks to our instruction and sales staff who wear and promote the DUI products, not because they “have” to, but because they love their suits and it shows.

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to dive in a drysuit… come see us! It will certainly change the way you feel about coldwater diving! 408-244-4433

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