Instructor Bios

Frank Barry – MSDT Instructor

Frank learned to scuba dive through the SJSU program in 1970. He quickly became addicted to the sport, and in addition to diving for pleasure every opportunity available, rapidly progressed through the advanced program, and through all the leadership courses to become an instructor in 1972. He has thoroughly explored the Monterey coast, the North Coast, the Channel Islands, and countless “exotic” dive locations over his 44 year diving career. He is an avid hunter and talented photographer/videographer.

Frank has been teaching people to dive continuously since 1972 and has certified over 2,500 students. His love of the sport led him to a career in diving, and ultimately to open Any Water Dive Center in 1984, where he has spent 33 years serving divers in the Bay Area. Currently, in addition to teaching Any Water Dive Center programs, he is the scuba instructor for the SJSU scuba program. He also offers private instruction for those who are unable to fit the standard class format into their busy schedules.

Frank has a reputation for excellence, delivered with the voice of experience and a dose of very dry humor. Those who put forth the effort to learn, will find him to be a patient instructor eager to share the joys of the underwater world.

Kevin Barry – IDC Staff Instructor

I grew up in the dive business… I never intended to make it my career, but after graduating from Univ. of Washington in Seattle with a Business Degree and spending 6 months in Australia, I realized there was no denying that the scuba business is a natural fit. I have been working at Any Water Dive Center full time since 2010 and became a PADI instructor in 2011. I literally have a lifetime of experience and have dived incredible locations worldwide. I enjoy watching people progress from being a bit intimidated by the idea of scuba to becoming comfortable in the water and fascinated by what the underwater world has to offer. I am a firm believer that specialty certifications are the best way to grow your confidence as a diver, and enjoy teaching all levels of instruction.



Melissa Ann Boyd – Master Instructor

As Melissa grew up, she spent her entire life living a mere block away from the beach. Needless to say, she was very fortunate and always in the water. Living so close to the sea resulted in her becoming an avid swimmer, diver and overall beach lover. Melissa has been a PADI professional since age nineteen and is still continuing her education advancing to the next instructional levels. Although Melissa has been diving all over the world, right here in Monterey is still her favorite spot. Professional, enthusiastic and never-ending-fun, her students have been quoted as ‘infecting them’ with her deep love of diving.




Terry Martin – MSDT Instructor

I first learned to dive in the rough and tough days of the early 80’s. I find that diving today is far more enjoyable and easier than those ‘Dive knife in the teeth’ days. I have been affiliated with Any Water Dive Center since 2004 in various roles including divemaster, and I made the decision to become a PADI instructor in 2011. If I am providing a refresher, conducting a tour, working on a speciality, or instructing open water/adventure classes I always approach it the same way: have fun, be safe and learn something new along the journey.


Lance Carpenter –  MSDT Instructor

Growing up in Tennessee Lance was always fascinated with the ocean. When he moved to Florida in 2003 he quickly got his Open Water SCUBA certification and instantly fell in love with the underwater world. Over the next few years he dove all over the Florida coast and northern Florida spring systems. He moved to California in 2006 and once he experienced Monterey diving he was hooked. He loves our oceans and the amazing diverse aquatic life that dwells off the pacific coast. Lance has been working with Any Water Dive Center since 2013 and his love for teaching goes beyond just introducing students to the amazing underwater world, but passing on his love for diving and the need for conservation of our oceans so future generations can enjoy them as well.

Chris Waddell – IDC Staff Instructor

What is there to say but – LET’S DIVE!  I started diving in 2002 through a senior high school sub tidal marine research course where I fell in love with the underwater world and what it has to offer.  Shortly after graduating in 2003, I started working at a local dive shop in Monterey and have been working in the industry ever since.  In 2006 I started working at Any Water Dive Center as well as helping as a divemaster for Frank’s San Jose State classes.  Over the years of helping, I decided that the best way to share my love and knowledge of the underwater world is to teach people how to dive. So, I became a PADI instructor. I invite you to come explore the “rest of the world.”



Sergio Schirripa – MSDT Instructor

A long time ago…  In the year 2000… Sergio was looking for a PE elective at SJSU and signed up for scuba class.  He absorbed diving like a sponge and soon fell in love with the sport.  So much so, that he took the advanced class the following semester, and quickly became an assistant in the SJSU program.  A patient man, he loves the aspect of interacting with students and helping them fine tune skills.  Sergio’s love for diving soon brought him to seek a position in sales at Any Water Dive Center…  And they haven’t been able to get rid of him since… even after he was hired as a geologist upon graduation from SJSU.

Sergio can still be seen loitering about the shop,  but when he’s not diving the coast, he can typically be found in the warm tropical waters of San Jose State’s indoor pool assisting with classes.  In addition to the Northern California coast, Sergio has had the pleasure of diving Cozumel, the Philippines, and Cortes Banks, and would be happy to tell you all about it sometime.  Sergio’s philosophy always remains, “What better way to enjoy your passion, than to teach and share it with others?”


Jonas Jonsson – Instructor

Jonas learned to dive in Sweden in 2000 and has continued to learn JonasJonssonever since in both warm and cold waters around the world. In 2012, he moved to the Bay Area and quickly fell in love with the magical kelp forests along the California coast. His love of exploration extends into his day job, where he develops technology for NASA missions here on Earth and beyond.

In addition to his role as a NASA science diver and teaching dive classes, Jonas can be found in the different aquarium tanks of the California Academy of Sciences, where he volunteers as a scuba diver to help maintain their exhibits. He is also a volunteer California Reef Check diver, assisting in tracking reef health along the California Coast. Through these experiences, as well as his interest in trying new things, such as through the specialty courses that are availabe, his learning never stops.

His most memorable adventures include dives under the ice of the archipelagos in Sweden and diving the active hydrothermal vents in the Icelandic fjords. He has experienced spectacular warm water dives as well, with the walls off the Cayman Islands currently topping that list. Jonas is always on the lookout for the next great dive and will gladly help others discover the marvels that lie hidden beneath the ocean surface.


Yvonne Pendleton – Divemaster

Pendleton_profile_photoYvonne completed her Dive Master and Discover Scuba Leadership training with Any Water Dive Center instructor, Melissa Barry, in June 2015. She is an enthusiastic diver who is eager to help students find their underwater comfort zone. First certified with Any Water Dive Center in 1985, Yvonne stopped diving for many years while she was raising her children and launching her scientific career. When the time was right, she found her way back to AWS and became a Master Diver (along the recreational diver track) before deciding to go the professional route. She enjoys working with all students, but is especially sensitive to new or returning divers who might be second-guessing their capabilities. She has made over a hundred dives in Monterey in the past two years, and you can find her there most weekends when she is in town.

She loves Monterey diving for its unique beauty, but also enjoys diving the warm, clear waters of Cozumel, Bonaire, and Maui. Her day job is pretty cool, too. She is an astrophysicist and a senior executive at NASA. Whether she is exploring the cosmos through a telescope, or the wonders of the ocean, Yvonne enjoys learning more every day. If you have the passion to dive, AWS can teach you what you need to know. And Yvonne would be very happy to assist in that process.

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