We have a large selection of rental gear available by reservation. SCUBA equipment (Regulators, Buoyancy Compensators, and Tanks) can only be rented by certified divers or students currently enrolled in a SCUBA class. Our equipment is maintained and serviced on a regular basis and is disinfected between use.

Call us at 408-244-4433 to reserve your gear!

Gear reservations can be made as early as the Monday prior to use and are accommodated in the order received. For sized items such as wetsuits and buoyancy compensators, it is highly recommended that you first come in and get fitted to ensure the equipment will work for you.

SCUBA Gear Kit:
Includes regulator, wetsuit, BCD, weight system, 2 cylinders (aluminum 63 or steel 72) and gear bag
4-Day Rental Period (eg., Fri-Mon)
Includes primary, alternate, SPG, computer and compass
Dry suit hoses are available upon request
Buoyancy Compensator Device (BCD)
ScubaPro Glide X
7mm Wetsuit & hooded vest $20
Drysuit and hood (includes zip seals & rock boots) $75
Weight systems (weights and belt)
$5 additional charge for 5lb increments over 30lbs
50, 63 & 80
Steel 72 or LP80 $12
Steel 95 $20
High Pressure Steel HP80 or HP100 $20
Add $10 for Nitrox fill (EAN32)


  • A visual inspection fee will be charged on any tank returned empty (no positive pressure).
  • Rental fees are based on time not use. No refunds or rainchecks.
  • There is a $10 per item per day late fee for gear that is returned past the due date.
  • There is a $10 per item cleaning fee for gear that is returned sandy, salty, or otherwise unclean.

Make sure you…

» Test equipment before leaving the shop. Try on the BCD, configure your weight belt. Fix any problems before you go to the ocean.
» Replace the regulator dust cap when the system is not in use. Sand and salt water can damage internal regulator components requiring complete overhauls!
» Rinse your gear in fresh water after use. Gear should be returned in the condition it was received.
» Do NOT put weights in your gear bag. Weights and other heavy objects in your gear bag can damage your dive computer and other sensitive equipment.

We are now open in-store!

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