School’s out for summer – great time to learn more about SCUBA!

School may be out, but it’s a great time to improve your scuba skills! We have a NITROX class with openings on Monday, June 25 at 6PM. No dives required, but the course will make a huge difference in your dives. Feel more refreshed and add a significant safety margin to every dive. Most dive operations worldwide now offer nitrox because of the significant benefits to their divers. Nitrox is especially beneficial when you are doing lots of repetitive dives – for example, aboard liveaboards or at resorts offering up to 4 and 5 dives daily. But you will feel the difference even if you are doing single dives. No wonder this is the first specialty most divers choose. Discover it for yourself! Pick up the instruction manual, and attend the course! We offer lots of specialty courses and continuing education opportunities. Summer is the perfect time to become a more confident and skilled diver.

We are now open in-store!

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